Testimonial 3

Testimonial 3 150 150 Sandpipeuser

“I appreciate all the resident and staff that are apart of making Sandpiper welcoming and homey. They truly work as a team and family to create a good environment to be apart of. Strongly recommend for anyone looking for a short term stay needing therapy, respite stay, long term care, and dementia care.”

Testimonial 2

Testimonial 2 150 150 Sandpipeuser

“Although I do not live at Sandpiper it is however an amazing place to work. We work hard to make sure our residents are happy and have a great home each and every day. We have lots to offer families from short term or extended stays and everything in between. No matter the length of stay our residents feel more like family.”

Testimonial 4

Testimonial 4 150 150 Sandpipeuser

“My mother stayed at Sandpiper recently after she got out of the hospital. The care she got was phenomenal. All of the staff we encountered while we were there were happy and friendly, always willing to help. The food was ok…some things were better than others. I would recommend Sandpiper to anyone who needs rehab or nursing care. You won’t find a better place.”

Testimonial 5

Testimonial 5 150 150 Sandpipeuser

“I strongly recommend sandpiper for short stay and long term care needs. Passionate staff make sandpiper an exciting place to live and work. There’s never a dull day at sandpiper bay”

Testimonial 1

Testimonial 1 150 150 Sandpipeuser

“I have had several family members and friends at this facility and although they are not perfect, they do a good job. When you have been to other facilities you realize how bad some places really are. Sandpiper has caring and knowledgeable staff. They have staff that has been with them for years, that’s hard to find at other facilities. I think if you are realistic about what nursing homes are capable of, you will find this to be a wonderful place for your loved one.”